do i still cross your mind

   hi. i'm kara. go away.
ask. about me. selfies.

And why am I alive, when everyone around me had turned to meat?

It’s because of my list of rules.

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i crave attention but i want to be ignored how does that work why am i alive

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why do pop punk bands think they need like 6 opening bands. why? do you guys travel in packs? more people to chip in to order pizza? are you ALL getting out of this town???

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Why music is important? Because it gives you happiness. And happiness is important.

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i think there’s something in my nose

i think there’s something in my nose

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id rather fall in lava than fall in love

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The fact that I’m legally an adult is hysterical

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Go // Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds 

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [4/5] current celebrity crushes → Dane DeHaan

"I really just want to continue to challenge myself. And I want to continue to grow as an artist. I never want to stop."

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